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redrocks in the southwest

My paintings: Painting is about relating the inner world that reflects the art of living in the outer world. Painting is an event and I bring my life to the finished work as artist and observer. As an artist, I am tuned into the earth elements providing a show of infinite inspiration. I paint pictures like I walk among the rocks — under a spell, with an instinct of awareness, and a feeling of belonging.
Beautiful country and the earth elements we live with provide a show of infinite expression. The colors, textures, line, shape and values of nature are the language I understand and they convey sensation and delight.
Experience brings technique, yet the medium of watercolor has a life of its own. I am drawn to watercolor’s liquid nature and delight in what happens when applied to paper. My paintings reflect the joy of watercolors!
The paintings on this page are images from the country I love here in the Southwest of Colorado, U.S.A. These rocks speak to me in a way that tells me I am a part of this earth and connected to the beauty I see. I am not their steward, but I am the rocks. Their language is time, mass, shape, shadow and color. and they are history.
In the viewing experience of my art, hopefully you will wonder a little about your own connection and response to your life on this wonderful earth.

"Above all else the painter depends on natural gifts and should preserve his/her naturalness but must go to the wisdom of the ancients to perfect his/her natural endowment." Shen Tsung-ch'ien

"One of the oldest and most deeply ingrained of Japanese attitudes to literary style holds that too obvious a structure is contrivance, that too orderly an exposition falsifies the ruminations of the heart, that the truest representation of the searching mind is just to 'follow the brush.'" Jun'ichiro Tanizki

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