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. . .of color excite the eye and emotions. These small paintings are mounted on birch boxes 7/8" thick. They vary in size from 5"x7", 6"x6", 8"x8" 6"x12", 8"x 10", and 9"x12". They are gems of color and light to brighten your life and to accent your home or place of work, or maybe your cave. Enjoy arranging them in groupings of three to five or more at a time. There are wonderful artists in the world who paint beautiful landscapes, people, animals, and more. These paintings reflect the joy of painting with a wide brush and notice the pure colors! They are bright and will delight you, I hope.

All watercolor paintings are for sale. They are within your budget at $40 - $75.00. There are more to choose from. Please contact the artist to view them. Call the following number.

For information, contact: 970.533.1223 or

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